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How can I avoid the damage that is caused by Ice dams?


The best prevention to ice dams is a well-ventilated (cool) roof. Additional protection for your roof can be applied with an impermeable ice and water membrane, called ice shield. Ice shield  is installed on top of the decking, under the roofing material to prevent water from entering your home.


Why does a roof need ventilation?


Ventilation helps remove the heat that builds up during the summer months and helps reduce moisture buildup under your roof. This helps your roof and shingles last longer.


I am considering a re-roof what do I need to know?


Re-roofing is an option if you only have 1 prior layer. Other things you should consider are; bad decking (wood) under the existing roof, poor shingle quality (warped, curled, peeling etc) of the existing roof and whether or not ice shield is under the current roof.  If any of these are a concern, you may want to consider a complete tear off to ensure better quality and longer roof life.


What Should I Look For In A Roofing Warranty?


Basically, there are two types of coverage that you should ask your contractor about: coverage against material defects and coverage against workmanship errors.


What should I look for when selecting a roofing company?


You should consider the following; choose a company with a long standing,& stable reputation. Ask for customer references. Make sure that the company is fully licensed, bonded & insured.  A reputable company should not only provide you with a product warranty, but also with a warranty for their labor and installation.  Select a company that is certified in the installation of the products they sell.  You should also ask how long they have been in business and how long their employees have been with them.  Lastly a seek out a company that maintains good standing with industry trade organizations.

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